Unlocking Your Team’s Creative Potential: Recommendations for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneurial team, it is important to constantly look out for new and innovative ideas to drive the success of your business. Creativity can often be the driving force behind any successful team, and there are several ways to foster a culture of creativity within your team . Throughout my academic and professional life, I have worked with multiple teams on various projects, addressing a wide range of challenges. Through these experiences, I have observed that a few of the key factors that contributed to the success of the most successful teams was their level of creativity.

As per what I’ve experienced creativity is not a trait that is exclusive just for the creative industry. Instead,……..


5 Free Tools that every Startup Needs in 2020

It’s the startup era, and every Tom, Dick, and Harry is either doing a startup or part of a startup. I didn’t mean it in a bad way, we might succeed or fail but it’s a part of a long journey, and kudos to all the startup folks out there, keep hustling!

So first, before I talk about the tools let me give you a brief about a startup and the life-cycle in my point of view!

Pitching the Idea
First comes the idea, overnight you get this amazing idea, and off the top of your head, you dream how you could be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs.

Building the Team
Then you talk to your best buddies — commonly known as co-founders (most of them don’t stick around until the end) and you explain to them your great idea and after a 2-hour call, you are a startup now!

Planning and Execution
This is the phase where things get crazy, and some of the common hiccups you are going to face are,

1. Where is the plan?…….